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Grass Head "Wolf"

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Quick Overview

Meet a Grass Buddy "Wolf" with grass seeds inside the toy itself. Just water this adorable animal plant toy everyday and watch as real grass grows on the head and body. It is packed in a gift box with detailed instruction on how to grow the grass.

Did you know?
• Once a wolf has found a mate, they usually stay together for life.
• They have a highly organised social structure enabling them to enjoy maximum cooperation when hunting, communicating and defending territory.
• A wolf’s hearing is twenty times better than a human’s.
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Approximate Weight:       155-160 g

Approximate Toy Size:     length 12 cm, height 11 cm

Gift Box Size:                     13 cm x 13 cm

To grow beautiful grass on your Grass Buddy, follow the 4 simple steps described in section How To Grow Grass Heads. For more tips on how to take an extra care of your little eco friend to keep him green longer, visit our Blog.

Each sample of Grass Head "Wolf" is unique and handmade. Sometimes it might have slight difference in look compare to the picture.


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1. What the Grass Head made of?

It is made of nylon stocking, sawdust, lawn grass seeds and decorative accessories. It is 100% eco-friendly and safe gift.

2. How long does it take grass to grow from seeds?

The grass will sprout in 3-4 days. 

3. What is the maximum lenght the grass can grow?

It can grow up to 15 cm. It depends on how you take care of the Grass Head.

4. Can my home pet eat the grass?

Your pet will love such treat. It is absolutely safe and moreover healthy for animals.

5. Does the Grass Head have any restrictation for a child usage?

Grass Head is not suitable for children below 3 years old. Children above 3 years old should use the Grass Head under adults supervision.

6. How do you pack each Grass Head?

Each Grass Head is packed in a gift cartoon box with instruction on how to grow the grass. Example below 



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