Telling a girl you like her is one thing that can make even the strongest man shake in his bootstraps. What if she rejects you? What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if she just doesn’t say anything at all? These are the kinds of questions running through your head when you are trying to work up to courage to ask her if she wants to take things to the next level. But never fear, great relationship advice is near, and we are here to help you out.

So you have been seeing a gorgeous woman for a while now and you can’t get enough of her – it’s “telling a girl you like her” time!

The two of you go out on regular dates, you get to know each other’s friends, and you even text each other on weeknights. But how do you know when it is the right time to talk to her about taking it to the next level? And of course – how do you do it?!

First of all, you have to figure out if it's the real deal before you go around dropping the ‘R’ word into a serious conversation, then, the rest is easy as pie.


Are You Sure It Is The Right Time?

You might know she’s the girl you want to take home to meet your parents after your second date, but that doesn’t mean she knows it yet. You have to learn to recognize the signs that both of you are on the same page, and are ready to have the relationship talk. If you’re wondering where she’s at, keep an eye out for this kind of behavior:

1. Assumed Dates
You don’t bother asking about each others “plans” anymore, it is assumed that you’ll be seeing each other at least once this weekend – that’s a sure sign you are on your way to “partner ville”.

2. Constant Connection
Raunchy texts aren’t a thing of the past, but she’s also in the habit of texting you to just say “hi” and that she is thinking about you – the kind of things you'd tell a partner. 

3. You Have Been A ‘We’, At Least Once
It could have been something she said to her friends: “We’re not huge fans of that bar” or even just an offhand comment she made to you, “We look so good together”. She is packaging the two of you up as a couple…go for it, it’s definitely the right time!

4. Talking About The Future
Has she brought up plans for anything that extends past next month? If so, it means she is making room for you in her life, take the hint, and go for it.


Telling A Girl You Like Her – The Practical Stuff

Now that it is established that you are both on the same page, you have to actually pluck up the courage and let her know in your own little way.  i important here is that you approach it with openness and honesty.

 Show her that you like her wayyyy before you say it...


How guys can show it?

– remembering little things she has told you (showing that you are attentive to her and listens to what she says)
– inviting her to hang out with your best friends (or introducing her to your family members)
– making future plans (something beyond the next weekend)
– inventing a pet, tender, cuddly name for her (could be as simple as adding “little” before Maria)
– preparing a special dinner, or giving her a gift
– expressing yourself as a man who can be next to her when she needs help and can rely on

After you have shown her that you like her, move on to the next step.

Talk to her in person.

It doesn’t have to be a love sonnet. You can even start out slowly. For example, when she is next to you, look at her, smile and say: “I love your company and going out with you…”. It doesn’t have to be much more than that to make her feel special and set your relationship up for success.

Telling a girl you like her can be a pretty hard thing to do, but it’s definitely worth it. Make sure you are both on the same page and you have already shown her through your actions what your words are about the say.