Taurus loves luxury, sensuous fabrics and practicality. They can appreciate a practical gift like no one else. They also love fine food. Whether this is in the form of a fine meal out, a specially cooked meal at home or ingredients so they can make their own is not important. The important part is that you were thinking of the Taurus in your life and spent the time to consider what would appeal to them.

When choosing a gift for Taurus, don't forget their personality. They are fine craftsmen at whatever they do. Their practical natures want things to work smoothly every time. They love to luxuriate in comfort, fine foods and drink. They are creative and enjoy making things. Taurus also rules the throat and vocal cords. Music will always be a part of their life in one way or another.

When choosing a Taurus gift, don't rush. Take your time. They will know if you haven't put any thought into your gift and become very offended. Don't waste your time at the dollar store... taking the time to bake some delicious cookies will win you far more points.

If you still can't think of anything on your own using this advice, here are some suggestions that Taurus will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Taurus.

Comfort is the name of the game. A cozy throw for the sofa or a soft, cushy pillow make wonderful gifts for comfort-loving Taurus. Choose a plush fleece fabric or a cashmere blanket. Anything that is soft and warm will warm Taurus' heart. A sheepskin rug in front of the fire will be the epitome of luxury. Does your Taurus collect things? Give them something that fits! Whether they collect antique salt and pepper shakers, vintage hats, art or coins, find something unique that you can give that will be suitable. Taurus will know their collectibles, so they will appreciate the effort you put into finding something they don't have.

Food. Fine food. Send them a hamper of delicacies, or perhaps a box of fine chocolates. Even a gift certificate at their favorite eatery would make a fine gift. If money is no object, sign them up for a Wine of the Month club or send them a box of T-bone steaks. Maybe you'll get to share in the bounty with them!

Music is always a great choice. Make sure you get them something that they enjoy. If show tunes are their thing, give them soundtracks for the latest production on Broadway. If they prefer oldies rock and roll, find them an album that they need to add to their collection. Concert tickets to their favorite group is always a perfect gift. If they perform themselves, get them some special tea to soothe their throat or other comforting gift.

Sumptuous clothing will always get a smile. A soft dressing gown or plush slippers will make them feel pampered and special. A soft cashmere sweater is a good choice, as is anything made of touchable fabrics.