Straight up confession? I’ve had my teddy bear since I was three (my sister swears I stole him from her, but, really, I was rescuing him!) and he’s still in my bed every night when I climb in. If you still sleep with your teddy bear (or bunny or duckie or hippo–no animal judging here!) and feel like maybe you’re getting too old to hug a stuffed animal at night, I’ve got 10 reasons why it’s totally okay to still sleep with your teddy bear right here. Read it through with your fluffy friend, discuss among yourselves, then get back to me with your game plan. I have a feeling that teddy bear of yours will stay by your side. But you know, that’s all up to the two of you.

1. He Knows All Your Secrets

That little guy really does know everything there is to know about you (and always has). You can trust him with anything and he'll never, ever judge.

2. Because Everybody Does It

A recent study said that 35 percent of adults admitted to sleeping with teddy bears. That's over one in three – and that's only the people who'd fess up!

3. Who Else Is Going To Protect You

Yes, there are monsters under your bed and goblins in the closet. How have you stayed safe all these years? Look no further than your trusty and very brave bear!

4. Hugs On Your Terms Are Awesome

I know some people who don't like to hug other people, but even they like to hug teddy bears! It's like, your custom, perfect hug every single time.

5. He Never Snores

Unlike some people you know (who shall remain unnamed!), this little guy never keeps you up at night with weird noises, and won't yell at you if you make any of your own!

6. Pack & Go Travel Buddies Are The Best

Heading out of town to a new place? You can at least have someone familiar in bed with you--without buying an extra airplane ticket. Score!

7. Your Morning Breath Doesn't Faze Him

Oh good morning, dragon breath! Guess who loves you anyway? Your bear. Snuggle, snuggle!

8. He'll Never Hog The Bed

Ever shared a bed with someone who'd splay their arms and legs out so much that you only had a corner of the bed to yourself? Well, it wasn't your bear! He loves giving you all the space you need.

9. If You Stop, He'll Be Sad

Don't you know what happens to our stuffed animals when we neglect them? Didn't you see Toy Story 3? DO YOU HAVE NO HEART?

10. Who Wouldn't Want To Wake Up To This Face

Who needs reasons with a face like that? Just look at him! He loves you! Go snuggle him now!

Do you still sleep with your teddy bear? Tell us about it (what’s his name?!) in the comments !